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Request One For Haru Ver 2.0 [Latest-2022]




One For Haru 2.0 Reusable: Haru will have a way to re-use those tools when he reaches higher levels by harvesting elements of the creature that lived in the paradise in the past to "upgrade" him. The lake that's the place where Haru sees her first (who's also the prince of the legendary land), might be referring to Death by drowning, which is said to be Haru's death (as a child) after swimming in an 'Unicorn Lake'. By the way, "Unicorn" is the original name of the place where Haru saw the golden deer and the beautiful woman. Haru will use this Pegasus-like creature he meets for his soul. In the manga, the Pegasus is known as a Bratty Pegasus. With the request of a friend, Haru will eventually learn his destiny to save Haruka and defeat the enemy that lives in the "Unicorn land". Haruka will be the princess who was stolen as an infant from the land of the golden deer. From a character point of view, Haruka might be depicted as ‘an angel who came from Heaven’. However, she seems to be the daughter of God, she has a ‘lover’ who is God's Son, and she is worshipped as ‘God’s Chosen. Haruka's father is 'the Creator' who is the God of both Heaven and Earth, and Haru's grandfather is the Man of God who is the highest of God's creatures. One For Haru: I can see Haru's eyes, and he sees a girl who is about to jump off the cliff. Haru's eyes are "very beautiful", which is the characteristic of 'the Fallen Angel'. I think that Haru's eyes speak of how beautiful Haruka is. The Golden Deer in the Manga The Golden Deer is the land that Haru's grandfather is from. It’s also the home of God's other creation: Haruka. And while we don't know a lot about the Golden Deer, we can say that it is linked to Haru because of his magic. Because it's a land of the creatures who are God's creatures, I think the Golden Deer is the "fairy" land of Haru's grandfather. The Golden Deer in the Anime The Golden Deer in the Anime: For the first time in Haru's life, he sees a



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Request One For Haru Ver 2.0 [Latest-2022]

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